The day I arrived in Toronto

On August 1st 2022, I officially left my home of twenty-five years and moved to Canada. So this is what happened. I travelled by train from Northwick Park Station to London Bridge. I then took the ‘Gatwick Express’. Well, it wasn’t really the Gatwick express. It was a train that could take me to the airport. The train to get there was so easy and very relaxing. If anyone wants to travel to Gatwick Airport, DO NOT, and I mean DO NOT, travel by car or coach! The M25 traffic is horrendous! I once drove to Gatwick Airport, and I missed my flight as I was stuck in traffic for five hours!!! But I got to chat with some fellow stuck-in-the-traffic people. So that’s one positive!

Hot chocolates solve all the problems

So I arrived at Gatwick Airport on time! I had to go to WestJet (which I flew with) to check in my suitcase. A friendly passenger assistant met me, he asked me for my ETA, which I didn’t need as it was on my POE (port of entry) letter, so I showed him that and my ArriveCAN, which you HAVE to have as you won’t be let into the country. I’ve heard that some people have had problems as they didn’t have the app. My best advice is to get it, and the best thing about it is it doesn’t take very long to do. Once that was done, I got my baggage sorted and went through security which was a bit of a hiccup as I didn’t have my iPad flat! Such fun. But I still got it sorted!

I’m in Canada!

Finally, I got on the WestJet plane! We had to wear masks on the plane, but it didn’t bother me. Until it got to hour two of the flight. Whenever I saw a food trolly, it made me happy as I was able to eat and take my mask off. I liked the food on the plane, and all the team members looked after us well! I watched a few films on the plane. I first started watching Fantastic Beasts, but the film was so dark (the screen, I mean), so instead, I watched ‘The Lost City’ starring Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum. It was awful, but it was fun to watch and very light-hearted!


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