My first job in Canada

So my first job in Toronto. How did I get it? That was quick, Ceri! How did I do it? Honestly, it was a bit of luck. In my second week in Toronto, I applied everywhere, going door to door with CVS in my hand and applying on Indeed. I felt like I wasn’t going to get anything (even though my parents kept on saying to me Ceri, it’s you’re second week, stop worrying). I honestly thought about coming home as nothing was working out for me. Why the hell did I do this?

Patience is virtue

William Langland

On Thursday 11th August, I saw a message on indeed asking when I could come for an interview. I was shocked that I got a message straight away. I went on the website and thought this place looked interesting! It’s different, but it looks great. I forgot to mention to you my fellow readers that it’s an island that I would be working on. Who would’ve thought Toronto, a city, would have a beautiful island?! Even better, I get to travel to work by boat! How many people do you know travel by boat?! Properly none! The only thing I need to ensure is to not to miss the boat!

Of course I did a recce!

When I arrived, I was met by the manager, who was lovely. She showed me around the island and it looked beautiful. There was so much there. There was a gazebo for events, a restaurant, and even better, there was a pool bar! No wonder the place was so popular. But sometimes looks can be deceiving, so I thought, why not give this place a go? So I was given a trial shift the next day. My goodness, that trail shift was hectic. I knew that the person I was shadowing wasn’t going to have time to train me, so I thought, ‘Ceri, this is your time to use all of your hospitality training’. I used my common sense to do things which I knew already. Like cleaning tables and serving food to the correct table. I think that paid off as I got the job and everyone was happy with me. Yay me!

My view every evening at work❤️

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