My first job in Canada

So now my life in a new job and my honest opinion. I must say that I absolutely love it here! From the location to the staff that I work with. Everyone has been so welcoming to me, and I can say that I like everyone. It’s like one big happy family, and I’m the little Brit who’s wide-eyed about everything! Recently we did a cowboy BBQ, and I got to dress up as a cowboy! ( when I mean by dress up, I mean I wore a cowboy hat!) that was a brilliant experience as the food was excellent and just so relaxing!

Living the cowboy fantasy!

At the moment, I’m still trying to get used to the dialect spoken here. For example, a customer asked me for a Lemonade. Simple right? So I gave her a lemonade. She looked at me weirdly and said, ‘ I asked for lemonade’. ‘This is lemonade, madam’ ‘Its sprite’ ‘yes?’. I didn’t realise that sprite and lemonade are two completely different things. I’m getting there, though slowly but surely. Also, the Canadians love my accent! Crazy right? I think my accent is like a snake charm because when there’s a problem at work, my accent solves all the problems in the world! When the Queen died, I was sent so many condolences. I mean, yeah I was sad that she died but I wasn’t buddy buddy with her!😂. I’ve never even met her! I should’ve had a tip jar every time someone tried to console me. I think I would’ve been a millionaire by now!


I am so glad that I’ve found this place. But I’m gutted that it’s seasonal (finishes next month) I feel like I’ve been at the place for months as I’ve felt so comfortable there. I know I need to start looking for another job but I’m just so happy here and I don’t want it to end.

We have peacocks on the island!!


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