The Queen and I

On Thursday 8th August, I was woken up at 8 am with a notification that the Queen wasn’t well. I’m going to be honest. I thought it was, oh, she’s got COVID or had to go to the hospital. I went onto my phone and watched the live stream. It wasn’t until then I realised something serious was happening. The fact that the whole family was coming to see the Queen. I was extremely shocked at how quickly this was, as only two days ago, the queen met with Liz Truss to form a government. I kept on watching it on my phone whilst going to work. Once I got into work, I asked my manager if I could have the tv on. Whilst I was serving, the customers asked me if I thought this was the end. I thought no, she’s a tough cookie, but at the same time, everyone has come to see her. Even the members of the public were walking over to her residences. Then the headline came up.

Long live the Queen.

When I saw the headline on tv, it kinda hit me in the stomach. I was shocked at how quickly her death happened. I couldn’t get my head around the fact that two days ago, she met Liz Truss and the next thing, she died. Was I sad? I was, to some extent, as I felt the Queen was part of me. Am I a monarchist? No. But I felt like the Queen was part of everyone’s life. There were some people I spoke to who didn’t care about the Queen, which is fair enough, I mean, I can understand why. Everyone has an opinion. But she has a family. She was a mother, grandmother, great grandmother. All of whom are going through such a difficult time.

Book of condolences

After she died, I felt homesick. It made me want to go home. I mean, the UK is my home; I thought that I needed to be there. Strange. I speak to my parents daily about what’s going on there. I know it hit mum quite hard. She wanted to go and see her lying in state, but the queues are so long, I’ve been told. Some people are even camping out! Dad, on the other hand, em well, I think he’s sad, but I think he’s more sad that there’s nothing on tv! I have written my condolences in the book online, I can’t find my comment, unfortunately , but once I find it, I’ll post it on here. I’ve put a link at the bottom if anyone wanted to write it. Sorry if the post is a bit doom and gloom today, but I wanted to express my feelings.

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