My Birthday in Toronto

So this year, I celebrated my birthday in Toronto. It was a strange feeling that I wasn’t celebrating back home, but I would make the most of it.

The day before my actual birthday, I was told by work that I could have the day off that I’ve requested. My manager told me to come at 2.20 pm, to celebrate my birthday 🎉. Before I did that, I watched Elizabeth: A portrait in parts, which was a good film and reminded me of home. Also, I was on tv!

I’m on TV!

After the film finished, I went to my workplace. I was met by everyone working there! I had an amazing surprise! I had a beautiful table laid out for me with a sparkler!

Beautiful table set up with an ice cream sandwich!!

I couldn’t stop smiling. It was so lovely what everyone did for me. For someone while only been working there for a month and work did this for me, I felt special. I have my Toronto family.

On September 19th, I was woken up with texts wishing me happy birthday. It was a nice feeling to have people from home messaging me. I spoke to my mum and dad who showed me The Queen’s funeral and asked if my parcel had arrived. Sadly it has not. But I cared more about seeing them than a parcel☺️. Then my Nana, who’s in her 90s FaceTiming me, which was so lovely! Nana is a natural with the phone! But it was so good to see her as the last time I saw her was in July! Later on, I spoke to my friends from the UK. It was so lovely to see them. We talked. And talked. And talked. I felt like I was with them in person, and I appreciate how lucky I am to have friends like that ❤️. In the evening, we ate at Elephant and Castle Pub. I picked it as I thought it would remind me of home. However, I was not too fond of the food, but the drinks, however, were delicious. We then went to a bar, which had a rooftop. I had a few drinks, and it was so good! Okay, the prices were high, but they tasted delicious! Overall, I had a brilliant birthday!

Here’s to 26!

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