My Birthday in Toronto

So this year, I celebrated my birthday in Toronto. It was a strange feeling that I wasn’t celebrating back home, but I would make the most of it. The day before my actual birthday, I was told by work that I could have the day off that I’ve requested. My manager told me to come […]

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The Queen and I

On Thursday 8th August, I was woken up at 8 am with a notification that the Queen wasn’t well. I’m going to be honest. I thought it was, oh, she’s got COVID or had to go to the hospital. I went onto my phone and watched the live stream. It wasn’t until then I realised […]

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My first job in Canada

So my first job in Toronto. How did I get it? That was quick, Ceri! How did I do it? Honestly, it was a bit of luck. In my second week in Toronto, I applied everywhere, going door to door with CVS in my hand and applying on Indeed. I felt like I wasn’t going […]

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August 2022

Right I know I’m a tad late, but now I can tell you all about my first month in Toronto. I want to be honest with everyone on here. For the first week in Toronto, I was fine as I had my dad stay with me for the first week so I could get settled. […]

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The day I arrived in Toronto

On August 1st 2022, I officially left my home of twenty-five years and moved to Canada. So this is what happened. I travelled by train from Northwick Park Station to London Bridge. I then took the ‘Gatwick Express’. Well, it wasn’t really the Gatwick express. It was a train that could take me to the […]

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Why did I do it?

As long as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to move to a different country, well actually I wanted to move to USA. Okay even more precise. I wanted to move to New York. I mean who wouldn’t? Yes I know it is expensive to live there, but it such a nice place as there’s […]

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About me

Welcome! I’m Ceri and I’m originally from London UK. So this year I made the biggest decision I think I’ve ever made in my life. I decided to move to Toronto, Canada.Crazy isn’t it! I mean no job to go to, not knowing anyone and never even been to the country. I’m a bit of […]

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